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DSSK5907 Gothic Burlesque Bustle Skirt

Black, Red, Purple and Green. The colours are beautifully two toned with black giving an irridescent look which changes depending on the light. It is draped half way down for a dramatic effect.


Length 40"

Usually in stock. Fits 10-20



Dark Star Sizing Rough Guide

Freesize 10-16 sometimes 18

S = Small approx 10-12

M = Medium approx 14-16

L = Large approx 18-20

S/M = 10-14

M/L = 16-20

Where we have had garments in stock, measurements are included (left) as quite often they fit sizes larger than stated too.


UK Postage for Clothing:

Coats & Long Jackets £6

Dresses £4

Skirts £3

Tops £3

Trousers £4


Postage payable (as with shoes) is per item. If we can mail your order in one parcel and save you money, we will - and you will receive a postage discount.


Where we have previously had an item in stock, if you would like to see more pictures - we can often provide these. Just ask!


Please allow 28 days for delivery.